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Everything jiggled as Lola, naked in high heels, reamed her long and hard with quick brutal thrusts of her hips.

"Tell me you love me, Bambi." Since disobedience had serious consequences, Bambi gritted her teeth and obliged.

Smart, savvy, well educated, her dynamite five foot six form, great legs combined with a 38D bra size, made her formidable competition. You don't mind if Melissa gets on her back on the floor between your legs, do you?

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Mommy had died of cancer a while back, but her other perverted parent lived on.

Melissa's daddy was a priapic horndog whose name was legendary even in an industry that seems over-blessed with priapic horndogs.She cast her eyes modestly downwards, batted her long eyelashes coyly and gave her voice a touch of pure cornpone. She had a nice selection taken from the security cameras, but she had a particular favourite and this was it.Bambi, the weather-girl before her, was pulling the train for a group of visiting Japanese businessmen.), there was a pretty face with a shrewd brain behind it. He put both hands encouragingly on Lola's bobbing head, gently guiding it up and down, pumping his hips to bury his dick deep.As she got onto her knees to suck Frank hard for round two, Lola mentioned something about her ambitions to Frank. Lola began working hard to swallow his whole sausage, breathing on the outstroke.Afterwards, as Lola laid, breathing deeply, dishevelled and smelling like a cunt, Big Bill squeezed her monster melons (everybody loved doing that) and gave her a bit of professional advice. Lola, deeply into the dick-lick, knew how to express her gratitude.