In neighboring Singapore, Mc D also just had another round of marketing success on its Nasi Lemak burger, Chendol flavoured ice-cream and Bandung Mc Fizz, as part of a campaign with NS50 and the Singapore Food Festival 2017.

Be it content or native marketing, the campaign created a lot buzz especially on social media and even caught the attention of local and international press.

In fact, Lee said this approach has paid off with its recent successes on the Mc Chicken #3biteschallenge, Big Mac Chant-Smule partnership, as well as the Ayam Goreng Mc D re-launch which for the first time ever, the local fast food chain filmed a commercial absolutely without any voiceover.

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An open mind and a willingness to explore are crucial factors to being a marketer in Malaysia, Eugene Lee, marketing director of Mc Donald’s (Mc D) Malaysia, said.

In an exclusive interview with , Lee said he has always believed that “no idea is a bad idea”, and he constantly encourages his team to take risks when it comes to campaign ideas.

So always maintain an open mind, and do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. It means you are doing something different that challenges both yourself, as well as the status quo, he added.

Localisation, an antidote of success As a global fast food chain and brand, Mc D understands that success will only come if it captures the liking of the locals in all markets.

As such, there has been a major paradigm shift at Mc D in terms of its media buying patterns.

Lee said, “Three years ago, we were spending 80% of our media budgets on traditional platforms, with digital buys often being an afterthought.

Hence, the re-launch of Ayam Goreng Mc D also forms part of its efforts on localising a global brand operating in Malaysia, an area which the fast food chain has been putting a lot of effort on.

It also introduced a local favourite “cakoi” or “youtiao”, tailoring its breakfast menu and promotions to Malaysian’s needs.

After all, who would know more about the local consumers’ food preference than its staff operating in the respective markets?

“Mc D has always operated independently in every market, and the local teams are given full liberty to execute marketing plans that are relevant in their own countries.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Mc D is so successful in marketing products in both Malaysia and Singapore is probably because it understands the importance of localising taste buds.