From the very early age, Kwan started to compete with all her efforts and dedication.At the age of eleven, Michelle Kwan competed at the junior level at the United States Figure Skating Championships where she was able to hold the 9th position. Michelle Kwan is best known for her deep and strong skating skills. She is one of the few skaters who can whirl in both directions.

She is a gorgeous looking woman with a curvaceous body.

Her friendly nature and appealing beauty has made a million fans of her.

Kwan attended Soleado Elementary School in Palos Verdes, California before being homeschooled in the year 1994.

In the year 1998, Kwan graduated from Rim of the World High School and then attended UCLA for one year.

She was born as Michelle Wingshan Kwan as Danny Kwan and Estella Kwan’s third child. Today, Michelle Kwan is not only America's most popular figure skater but is also known as one of America's most popular female athletes.

Seeing her oldest brother playing ice hockey as a youngster, she developed her interest in skating. After a year, she entered in her first figure skating competition where she ended as a winner.Clay Pell filed the divorce documents in Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday, a court spokeswoman tells PEOPLE.“It is with deep regret that I share that Michelle and my marriage is coming to an end,” Pell said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.Michelle Kwan is sharing a good bond with her husband and is happily living with him.Michelle Kwan has been an inspiration to many youths.Moreover, he was also a one-time candidate for governor of Rhode Island. Both of the couples were active supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, and husband Pell was a member of the Electoral College.