**FUN UPDATE** To see a new post of what this ENTIRE room looks like now, CLICK HERE!

(Of course, I’m not including the cost of the shade, or paint, as I already had them around the house).

Martha Stewart glass paint and ended up adding some major “WOW Factor” to our entry.

Over the years, I’ve had a few of those “boob” lights as I call them, in my sights a few times. This one had a immitation red spray-paint looking finish to it. Once the shade is off, its just a couple of burning bulbs sitting in a fully-functioning light fixture.

Once I started to take the light apart, I thought there HAS to be something that can be done with this light.

This project was inexpensive and it made such a big impact in our mudroom.

It started with a few Habitat Re Store light fixtures and some NEW!

It’s time to break up — Let’s upgrade a ceiling light with a Linen Drum Lamp Shade in Cream" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" So here’s the thing. And, second, improve how the fixture base looks with the shade. I had switched out a light in the hallway that was strangely identical to this light, only…

I had a couple of those taking up space in my storage room. Pop a shade on there and badda-bing, new light AND more room in my storage room. I really want to be able to flip the shade over, so the metal “spider” frame is on the bottom, and can then hold a diffuser panel. Yes, well that’s where I found myself several weeks ago.Let’s call it making lemonade with a heaping serving of lemons. I traced my shade, and tried 3 different tools to test out how to cut through this strangely fragile… I shattered my way through the panel with the first few cuts. If I find myself repeating this project in the future, I will definitely find something else to use. Now, it’s just time to assemble this baby, and we’re done…