- Jerome completed the Vulgate translation of the Bible 590 AD. - Martin Luther posted his ninety-five theses 1523 AD. - Anabaptist movement rejected Zwingli's Swiss authority and emphasized adult baptism, separation of church & state, and pacifism 1535 AD.- Gregory I became Pope - emphasized the chant and dispatched a later Augustine to evangelize Kent, England. - Mohammad began preaching in Mecca, had to flee to Medina (Hegira) in 622, teachings written as Qur'an c.632 AD. - Battle of Tours - Charles Martel turned back the Muslim forces (one of many clashes between these peoples) 800 AD. - Henry VIII declared head of Church of England in "Act of Supremacy" 1536 AD.John Howell became seventh CHBC pastor and served - Secretariat won Derby in record time; then completed Triple Crown 1973 - Dr. Howell and church hosted some 90 Baptist brethren from England for two weeks 1973 - Selective Service "Draft" ended (replaced by "all volunteer" army) 1974 - Boyce Bible School established 1974 - Tornado struck Crescent Hill area in April 1974 - United Crescent Hill Ministries (UCHM) organized 1974 - John Claypool's Tracks of a Fellow Struggler (based on 1969-70 sermons) 1974 - Nixon resigned in August 1974 after Watergate scandal 1974 - Gerald Ford served out Nixon's 2nd term, pardoned Nixon and established a "conditional" clemency program for Vietnam war resisters (boycotted by most exiles) 1975 - Church-wide retreats at Cedarmore in March and Sept 1975 - "In The Oaks" in Aug beginning 16 yr tradition (last in 1989) 1975 - Dr.

1959 - Hunt's "Light of the World" window - Euzelian class memorial to Mrs. Nathan Brooks, Pres of Carver School - interim May-Sep 1960 - CHBC Sunday School attendance - 1620 1960 - Youth Retreat at Camp Crescendo 1960 - Licklider -- one of first to envision modern computers & worldwide networks 1960 - Dr. Claypool became sixth CHBC pastor in Oct and served 10 1/2 years 1960 - Youth Talent Show 1960 - Youth Narrator (weekly Youth newspaper) began in December 1961 - John F. 1962 - James Meredith first black to enter Univ Miss after troops put down riots 1962 - "Mister Rogers" premiered on Canadian Public TV and later moved to PBS ____ - Wigginton-Jones Banquets began ____ - St.

Joseph Orphans' Picnic moved from Wed night to Saturday 1962 - Rachel Carson's Silent Spring sparked the environmental movement 1962 - The Cuban Missile Crisis added ice to the Cold War 1962 - Nigerian student at SBTS was first black person to join CHBC.

Johnson inauguration 1965 - Small group silent weekend retreat at Earlham College (after studying Company of the Committed) [Scotts, Tates, B. Mc Cartt, Rod Beck, etal] 1965 - Bombing of North Vietnam marked "official" beginning of Vietnam War 1965 - Marches from Selma to Montgomery, Mar 7-21 1965 - Riots in Watts area of Los Angeles, Aug.

11-16 1966 - CHBC Sunday School attendance - 1756 1966 - Medicare program began 1966 - CHBC "Youth Dialogue" began 1967 - Riots in Newark and Detroit 1967 - "Sunday evenings at Crescent Hill" began at ; "School of Christian Living" at 1967 - Committee structure of church enlarged 1967 - Portland - Bridge Mission moved to new facility at 2308 Portland Ave. Lebanon Baptist church guest speaker at CHBC 1968 - Martin Luther King assassinated Apr 4, 1968 1968 - Riots in Louisville? Robert Kennedy died of gunshot wound June 6, 1968 1968 - Laura Lue Claypool diagnosed with leukemia in mid summer 1968 - Thomas Merton died in Bangkok in December 1969 - Richard Nixon 1st inauguration 1969 - Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 set foot on moon July 20, EST 1969 - Woodstock in August 1969 - Broadman Bible Commentary published and blasted by conservatives as too liberal.

During this period of some 10,000 generations the human family (probably originating in Africa) diversified and spread to the various continents (including the Chinese and Karen in Asia, the Semitic peoples of Mesopotamia, Australian aborigines, North and South American Indians, and the European ancestors, as well as those who stayed in Africa). - conversion of Augustine; death of his mother Monica 405 AD. - Johann Gutenberg produced the first printed Bible 1478 AD. - Michelangelo completed the Sistine Chapel ceiling fresco 1517 AD.

- Babylonian captivity and prophetic writings c.563 BC. - death and resurrection of Jesus, beginning of early church, Pentecost, conversion of Saul c.30 AD - letters of Paul begin c.50 AD. "Blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." c.340 - birth of St.

- The Old Kingdom of Egypt with writing on papyrus, hieroglyphs, resurrection stories, pyramids, etc. - David and the Psalms, later the foundation of the church's music c.600 BC.

- The stories of God's creation, the fall of man, and the flood were well established in campfire circles c.2000 BC. Our faith story began with him & Sarah, Isaac & Rebecca, Jacob (Israel) and his family, and their descendants. - Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt c.1000 BC.

Rust 1953 - Church adopted 0,000 plan to enlarge facility with educ bldg and gym 1954 - First of many Sweetheart Banquets for Youth of CHBC 1954 - Brown vs Board of Education of Topeka ruled school racial seg illegal 1954 - Sam Phillips cut Elvis Presley's first record "That's All Right" on July 5 in Memphis 1954 - "Captain Kangaroo" began on CBS 1955 - Rose Marlowe retired from mission work (China 1921-1950, Japan 1950-55) 1955 - First of many Training Union Weeks at Cedarmore 1955 - Rosa Parks civil disobedience on Dec 1, 1955 1956 - "Baptist Hymnal" published 1956 - Ground-breaking service for new CHBC education/recreation building -- May 6 1956 - Billy Graham Greater Louisville Crusade - Sept, Oct 1956 - Cornerstone service for new CHBC building - Oct 7th 1957 - CHBC education and recreation facility opened (later called "Burhans" addition) 1957 - church library opened 1957 - Dwight D.

Eisenhower 2nd inauguration 1957 - Youth train trip to Billy Graham Crusade in New York [photo](MLK July) 1957 - Federal troops to Little Rock in Sep to enforce desegregation decree blocked by Gov.

1803 - Long Run Baptist Association formed in September (24 churches from 8 counties) 1803 - Lewis met Clark in Louisville on Oct 14 as they continued recruiting for the "Corps of Discovery" 1804 - Lewis and Clark set out from St. 1813 - Ann and Adoniram Judson arrived in Rangoon, Burma (now Union of Myanmar). for preliminary organizational strategy and then formal organization meeting January 12 in the basement of the old Crescent Hill Methodist Church.) 1908 - CHBC adopted the Philadelphia Confession of 1742 and the "Church Covenant" (of later vintage) at its organizational meeting 1908-1910 -- until the first building at Birchwood and Frankfort, the church met in William Hartmetz's Crescent Hardware House for two years. Lindbergh's 33 1/2 hr non-stop flight from US to Paris on May 21 1927 - Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs as Yankee 1927 - "talking movies" began to replace the silent ones in Oct (Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer") 1927 - "Anti-Saloon League" granted permission to use the CH building for activities 1927 - Masonic Home established at its present location on Shelbyville Rd. Matthews Baptist Church organized 1928 - Herbert Hoover defeated the Catholic Al Smith for presidency 1928 - Issue of "Good News" for June indicates Missionary John Mein spoke to WMS 1928 - Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in Sept. 1936 - BBC in London inaugurated television service 1936 - New Clifton Baptist Church building erected 1937 - Franklin D. Burhans became fifth CHBC pastor in Oct and served - Dead Sea Scrolls dating to 22 BC. Truman inauguration 1949 - Pat Shipp and Monty Justice crowned Queen and King of May at annual Youth Banquet 1949 - Mao Zedong declared the birth of the communist People's Republic of China 1949 - transistor invented 1950 - 1.5 million TV sets in US; one year later 15 million 1950 - "T-Bar-V" local children's show began and ran for 20 years with Randy Atcher et al.