The Chronicon Vulturnense records a judgment "in Benevento palatioin prsentia Domn Ageltrudis imperatricis august et domni Radelchis principis" by "Lodoicus castaldeus" against "Bernardus clericus filius Bernardiin monasterio Sanct Mariad Castanietum propinquo Castro Piniano" founded by "domna Theoderada ducissaet Domno Gisulfo Duce filio eius", by charter dated to [896] WIGLINDA of the Lombards, daughter of PERCTARIT King of the Lombards & his wife Rodelinda --- ([Benevento late 662 or Ticino after 672]-).Paulus Diaconus names "Wigilinda, soror Cunincperti, filia Perctarit regis" as wife of "Romualdeius filius Grimualdus".

Godepert King of the Lombards sought help from Duke Grimoald in his dispute with his brother King Perctarit in 662, promising Grimoald the hand of their sister in marriage.

He deposed King Godepert and installed himself as .

Naples had been one of the Byzantine colonies in southern Italy.

The duchy of Naples became autonomous in the 8th century, with its vassal states of Gaeta and Amalfi, which asserted their independence in the 9th century.

However, after he was assassinated in 839, the principality broke apart in a civil war between his brother and one of Sicards officers Radelchis.

Peace was eventually restored by Louis II King of Italy [Carolingian] who arranged the creation of the new principality of Salerno out of Beneventan territory under the Radelgisi et Siginulfi Divisio Ducatus Beneventani which was signed in early 849.

The same source records that he avenged the murder of his older brothers by destroying the city of Opitergium, where they had been killed, and distributing its territories between Friulia, Tarvisium and Ceneta.

Paulus Diaconus also states that Lupus Duke of Friulia rebelled against King Grimoald but was defeated with the help of the Avars, who refused to return home until King Grimoald began assembling an army against them, but this report must be inaccurate as King Dagobert only succeeded as king five years after Grimoald died.

He was related to Gisulf II Duke of Friulia, but the precise relationship has not yet been identified.