Psychoses are mental illnesses which can manifest in different forms depending on the life context of the sufferer.However, there are symptom areas that are consistently changed in many sufferers.Many people live a happy and fulfilled life despite schizophrenia.

For instance, in psychosis, the thoughts, feelings and perception about one's own body and contact with other people can be changed.

Sufferers often have difficulty distinguishing between reality and their own, subjective perception.

Often, several conversations are necessary, which depending on your wishes, can then take place with you alone or with your family.

If your symptoms are more diffuse and cannot be directly assessed, you will be offered regular out-patient appointments for monitoring purposes.

Then the psychiatrist or psychotherapist will ask you detailed questions about various areas of life and signs of illness.

This will help them to better understand your situation and to get to know you and your family better.

Currently, 51 million people worldwide are suffering from schizophrenia alone.

Usually, the illness occurs for the first time between the ages of 12 and 29 years. Nevertheless, there are risk factors that make a psychosis more likely.

We all go through stable and less stable phases in our lives.