I'm very pleased that you have caught up with each other and are exchanging thoughts on the late Thomas Smerdons- I'm sorry I can't add any constructive ideas on the subject except to refer to one of your late Fathers epistles[I have kept all of his letters and may I say they bring great joy to me on rereading them from time to time]- in one such letter from Ewell of 3 January 1993 "I found the will of Thomas senior made in 1848 quite fascinating.

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I am sure that Peter is right and has the answer to Thomas Smerdon's Will (see below) that was puzzling my Father back in 1993.

It is the Will of Thomas Smerdon (1761-1848) which was signed on 16th January 1848 just 9 days before he was buried on 25th January.

He would have been 32 when he married Grace Hamlyn in 1824, which would have been very late for a first marriage, in those days.

If he had first married at say 21 there would have been time to beget Robert[as executor and residuary legatee- he was probably the eldest son.

His wife Susanna (nee Lear) had died the previous year. I Thomas Smerdon in the Parish of Buckland in the Moor of the County of Devon Yeoman being of sound mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament in name following first and principally I commend my soul to Almighty God - and my Body I desire may be decently interred at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named and as to such worldly estates as God in his Goodness has bestowed upon me I give and dispose as follows - I give unto my son Thomas the sum of Twenty Pounds and to my Grandson John the son of Edward Smerdon my son the like sum Twenty Pounds.

I give to my son William the like sum of Twenty pounds and to my son Elias the sum of Twenty five Pounds and to my son Richard I give Twenty pounds and to my son Elijah the sum of Ten Pounds.

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