Those archetypes always consistently display the same behavioral patterns. I am going to address this further in the next article. Addendum for those who have reading comprehension issues in the comments section of this article: The article does not imply that promiscuous women are “Bad” people. but chances are higher she’ll leave with you come last call. Always competing for attention, has trouble maintaining friendships with women.

A little backdrop as to what inspired this article: I am hanging with some pals and a friend of a friend is talking about how he’d like to just once try having a one night stand with a girl he met at a bar.

Just once, he’d like to walk in, meet a girl and take her home. This is a big deal to him, and while I don’t think of this as some accomplishment, it dawns on me that most men have never done something like this.

This goes back to the archetype stuff I’ve been talking about consistently throughout this blog.

Again, people (male as well as female) fall into various archetypes. It’s extremely important to be able to weed out women who are not suitable for you as well. Also safe to say, you can probably assume this is not a career-minded person either. You may have to endure alcohol breath and drunken antics….

I’ve seen 22 year old girls do it, and I’ve been to that Cougar-bar in Manhattan Beach and have seen 40 year old females use it.

Same exact behavior pattern, stemming from the same exact personality type.

I used to know dudes who stayed home til in the morning then rolled out to the clubs at closing time just for that reason…..

The fact that she is simply STILL there at closing time is often a sign as well….. Subtleties: And then we get to the really subtle stuff.

(because you read my awesome article.) Just an extra free tip from me when you’re cruising through social media postings. If she is willing to kill her to blow puff to look cool, she is willing to do a lot of other things. I don’t even have to see the person’s face sometimes. Well, I really think Lisa PLANNED All of this to get back at me since she is so jealous of me.” It never ends…. I am going to cover “Drama” in the next article, regarding girls you want to run AWAY from.