My husband works out of town so I’m doing this Monday-Thursday by myself.

Although his current prescription regimen appears to be keeping him relatively comfortable (he’s not crying out in pain), he needs to see an orthopedic surgeon.

They will not give me an email address, phone number or anything else to follow-up on this.

So far, we have spent nearly $1,100 to get Dexter better and Pet Smart needs to step up.

Pet Smart was founded in 1987 by Jim and Janice Dougherty as Pet Food Warehouse. In 1989, the company name was changed to Pet Smart. My dog, Dexter Losoya, was groomed at Pet Smart on October 12th.

Spoke to customer service in florida and they showed no remorse or concern think it is time to lauch law suit Reply Okay, I have given Pet Smart ample time to address an issue I presented to them.

Please tell me who I can speak with about in store matters.

Reply On Thursday, 11/22/17, I tried to order the Black Friday deal of two 35 pound buckets of Tidy Cat at 8.99 per bucket totaling .98.My husband sat next to him on our bed and wasn’t even touching him and he was crying. The first video is him swimming in a creek, outside Bozeman, on September 28th, 14 days before he was groomed.We took him to the vet and he had a bacterial skin infection, an inflamed anus and whatever the hell was wrong with his legs.The server was not working, so I called and placed the order with a customer service representative who said I would receive an e-mail. I never got a confirmation e-mail or an e-mail stating that my order was confirmed or cancelled.I received an order number when I called, but no e-mail Today, 11/25/17, I called the customer service number and the rep said my order was cancelled. He said he would honor the sale price at that time and would contact my local store to make sure I got the discount, and said he would be willing to go that far to make sure I was satisfied. I also have a bearded dragon and spend a lot of money at Petsmart.He was put on anti-inflammatories, pain medicine, an anti-biotic and an ointment for his butt.