You are likely to get a lot more attention without having to work for it.

You will get attention and messages on Thai Love Links regardless of the quality of your pictures, but why settle for that and not instead go for the best you can do?

Any dating site is going to be focused on profile pictures and Thai Love Links is no different.

Want to meet a university educated Bangkok lady in her thirties? The price of a Gold membership begins at around $25 if you sign up for a one-month membership and goes down to about $9 if you sign up for one year in advance.

There are going to be thousands of girls showing up in results. There is also the option to sign up for the Platinum membership which gives you some extra perks such as the ability to translate messages directly, but the biggest benefit is that your profile will show up above Gold profiles in search results, which means you will get a lot more eyes on your profile and therefore also receive a lot more messages and interest. If you’re moving to Thailand to live, you might as well sign up for 6 months or more and save some money, since most guys usually keep being a member for a while going on plenty of dates before eventually settling down (if ever).

They won’t bill you for more than you choose and your money is perfectly safe.

The site is operated by the Australian company Cupid Media, which is one of the largest dating service companies in the world with a very good reputation.

Thai girls also love animals, so a picture of you with your dog or some cute animals will definitely give you some extra loving.

Pictures that show you doing cool stuff or doing interesting hobbies are also always a hit.

Thai Cupid has the better functionality by a good margin, while Thai Friendly is a pretty basic site.

Thai Friendly has a separate ‘Ladyboy’ gender choice, which means you don’t have to worry as much about running into these on the site (unless you want to), while Thai Cupid doesn’t.

If you log on the site at any time during the day, there will be at least a couple of thousand members online, and if you search for members who logged on within the last week, the result is around 5000 – 10.000.