The stunning model and actress stole Ross' heart a few years back and while they kept things super low-key ever since Ross shared that first kissing pic of the pair on his Instagram back in 2015, they've been anything but shy when it comes to publicly showing off their love.Their IG feeds are filled with so many cute pics and they've even walked the red carpet a few times togehter.There isn't any doubt that Ross and Courtney are 100% in love, but it seems like some fans still don't want to accept this to be true.

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I'm just going to put it at that." Umm, okay so major red flag.

But the last time they posted pics of each other on Instagram was in the summer, with Courtney posting a shot of the couple being silly, taking pics together in June.

But yeah, no pics with Ross basically making it known these two did not hang out in the slightest during the party. It was also in July Ross took to Twitter to defend Courtney and their relationship after an intense Raura shipper (meaning Ross and his Well, it looks like now that summer has come and gone and fall is upon us, this couple is no longer.

Perhaps they will find their way back to each other but as of right now, it's over.

and as you can imagine, everyone wanted to see the characters of Austin and Ally end up together on the show.

Well in the series finale, we got to see that the two did indeed get married and have two precious children.

Ross sat down for an interview with Live, where he was straight up asked by a fan-submitted question, "What's your relationship status now? Since then, the R5 frontman and the starlet haven't been shy about their relationship, with Courtney joining the Lynch fam vacations and hanging out with Ross' band all the time too.

While Ross and Courtney took their time officially going public with their relationship, not posting photos of each other on social media or walking a red carpet together until they had already been an item for a little while, despite the fact that fans took note Ross was clearly a taken guy.

IRL though, Ross and his co-star Laura Marano's relationship was much different.