The office of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas calls for “immediate international protection” after a Palestinian was shot dead by an Israeli in the West Bank who, according to the Israeli army, was defending a group of Jewish children from a group of Palestinians attacking them.The statement from Abbas’s office says the shooting was “conclusive proof for the whole world of the level of the ugliness of crimes carried out by settlers against the innocent Palestinian people.” The IDF says a group of Israeli settlers, mostly children, came under attack outside the Palestinian village of Qusra in the northern West Bank on Thursday, prompting their security guard to fire into the crowd of Palestinians, killing 48-year-old Mahmoud Za’al Odeh.

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Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz says Israel will continue with its “zero tolerance” policy toward fire from the Gaza Strip shortly after some 15 mortar shells were fired from Gaza at IDF troops near the border.

The mortar fire “proves that [PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s] presence in Gaza [in the framework of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation] is no more than a fig leaf hiding a reality of armed and belligerent terror groups,” Katz is quoted as saying by Hadashot news.

His sudden fall was just the latest to rock the US media and entertainment industries, hit by rolling waves of disclosures that have brought down some of the biggest names in the business.

Police arrest a 32-year-old Jerusalem man suspected of carrying out an extended spree of break-ins to residential homes over the past two years.

” The type of “nothing” that you are thinking of probably involves a lot of things—reading a magazine or a book, checking your phone, looking around idly—but this is not the “doing nothing” of standardized test administration.

Because of this, I've become somewhat of an expert in creating mental and physical activities that can be done while actively monitoring that won't distract children or get you in trouble. (If you're not a teacher, you can use any of these the next time you're getting an CT scan!

The national union of high school teachers announces a one-day nationwide strike of all high schools on Sunday over the growing phenomenon of violence directed at teachers by students.

The strike was precipitated by reports Wednesday of a student who broke a wooden bar on a teacher’s head in a school in the southern Bedouin town of Tel Sheva, the union says.

Two IDF soldiers are lightly hurt after rocks were thrown at their car as they drove near the Palestinian village of Kusra south of the West Bank city of Nablus.