I earned my Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, and I started teaching fitness classes and training women to become more fit and healthy in their lives.Even though I devoted much of my life to being fit and healthy, my struggle with weight came back in full force when I became a mom.I have researched many models from the fanciest to the plainest, and was so excited to find the Comfort Cam.

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After each of my babies, I went through a period of being 30 lbs heavier than normal, and I didn’t feel like myself at all.

It was frustrating, and sometimes the negative thoughts overwhelmed me.

We laughed about how life would be easier if she just put everything in a box for me every month and it just showed up on my doorstep. (We chose that name for our business because Avery and Austin are common, gender-neutral names, so we figured it would be easy for parents to see themselves in our product.) Each month, we send off playdate-geared boxes that include two to three crafts or activities, two nut-free snacks and a thank you gift for the mom—because any mom who hosts a playdate deserves a little something special.

Despite living more than 500 miles apart—Cam in San Diego and me outside of San Francisco—we’ve figured out how to make our long-distance partnership work and we've found our groove.

Yes, you will gain weight, but it’s possible to do so safely and smartly.

During my second pregnancy, I discovered that exercising, staying active, and eating right helped me have a smoother labor and delivery.

In the beginning, I didn’t have any challenge to follow, so I had to work closely with my doctor to make sure I was being safe. Change isn’t going to happen if you just sit around thinking about it. Get my 15 Day Mommy Fit Challenge and become the fittest, healthiest mama you can be!

Every mama is different, but we all have one thing in common, and that is wanting to make sure we are safe for ourselves and for our babies.

It is so amazing and I’m excited to use it all the time when baby is born.

It will be especially helpful when checking on baby during the dreaded sleep training process!

I wondered: Thankfully, over the course of 3 pregnancies I’ve learned exactly how to manage pregnancy weight gain and how to get my pre-pregnancy body back in a safe and healthy way.