God has mercy.” In Brazil, I’ve seen all the Locales like Sao Paolo, Curitiba, except one. We were thankful for that because it kept us on the balance from the heat. He turned to me and said, “Remember, the fear of God prolongs life. We were the cooks and we were cooking down the mountain because stoves were prohibited up the event area. We could hear the thunderclap – the thunderclap that the brethren heard during the service when Bro. Thunderclap is God’s approval in the interpretation of the Church members. In our place down, there was one instance of showering but there was none up, where the event would take place.

Secretly, I went biking for one hour, never telling my doctor. Flags and flags of diverse nations were waving and waving.

I continued running – but until I can be exhausted, they told me. The brethren gathered in one place – they of different colors, and their flags all the more showed their diversity.

I heard from him a number of times, and what I heard bolstered my belief that indeed, the Catholic faith is wrong. My first attempt to go to the Locale of Pacheco was to just attend the Worship Service. There’s something I cannot forget, and that’s why I opted to stay in Apalit. I became Church worker and was going with the KSP core, being one of the aspirants.

As explained by him later on, he was gone from Channel 13 because other religions ganged up on him; they bought airtime by blocks at a much higher price. The brethren were showing me that the man I was ordering to step aside was Bro. He was then also taking pictures of the church workers. And at that time he was the OIC of Metro-Manila Division! So, the more, I felt this is the organization being led by God. Daniel wanted things to be done professionally and there would be offices for Waste Management, for the Clinic, for Engineering, and all those offices existing now. Eli for the Administration of the newly created Waste Management Office.

I grew up in Tondo and we were many in our youth group who went to church. But I was not just pointing; I was pointing the middle finger at the Santo Niño just before my playmates. When I arrived, I knew I would belong to the youth group. Ace, Caloy, and the rest – I just knew I was one of them. I took courage to get baptized because I was playing basketball in the place of people I came to know, including Bro. I was only 20 going on 21 then – just the right age.

But they wondered why I would grit my teeth at those idols even before them. In Tondo, there was a stair going up, and then there was a Santo Niño locked in a glass case. Follow everything I tell you, then may God have mercy.” He told me to have sunshine every morning, to go grounding, and then drink Omega 3, have vitamin injection every other day with Vitamin B Complex. As I was prescribed some medicine supposedly to melt cholesterol, I did not take them. However, I tried not to raise my heart rate to 122 beats per minute – just at 120 bpm. It also happened that it was the 50 Anniversary of Bro. I was worrying then what would happen to my family. ” We were amused, noting that he’s really one of a kind. I had written him about my health problem in about 24 pages. The oil cooking the was being transferred to a thick plastic since there was nothing else to use. The advice of the doctor was this: “Don’t play sports.