Displays “X says…” & blinks chat boxes when window is not in focus 5. which users are online etc.), it only enables users to chat with each other.

I assume your current application already provides that functionality. Do let me know your suggestions on how we can improve this code or any other features you would like to add.

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Manager: If you don’t want it you can buy something else or get your money back. They know what to say to make you feel good and “become friends”.

What just happened The salesmen in Hong Kong are clever.

You can turn to several tools to recover your Facebook account It's amazing how even the most organised individuals can occasionally find themselves up that notorious creek without a paddle.

Plan B is the application to install when your phone is already missing. Login Approvals are Facebook’s version of two-factor authentication.

Normally, you only need your password and your username or email address to log into your Facebook account.

Now, let’s say someone knows your email address, then all they need is to crack your password and that’s easier than you may think.You must also make sure that $_SESSION[‘username’] is being set when your website session begins. Spread The Word If you like what you are reading, then please help spread the word by re-tweeting, blogging and dzone upvoting or use the Share This button below. You will understand the logic better after you try the sample files that I have provided. In Guangzhou it’s normal that you pay first and then you get the product from the storage or warehouse. I also thought that this particular store was just an isolated incident. You pay first and then we go get the new camera for you. Manager: I just got a call from the storage and the Canon Rebel XS is only in Japanese. At this point I thought that they really didn’t know that they don’t have the Canon in storage and had to come up with something so I would choose an other camera. Displays “Sent at…” after 3 minutes of inactivity 4. Extremely simple to integrate into existing site Demo Please load the following links in different browsers otherwise it wont work: (Note that due to users trying out the chat links below at the same time, it might work slightly erratically because the username is actually not supposed to be used by multiple users at the same time)Sample Chat User One Sample Chat User Two Sample Chat User Three Getting Started First download the module (link below)The script does not manage rosters (i.e.