I saw elsewhere that NBC's Fallon took a shot at Letterman: "There was book written on 360 reasons women have sex with men and Letterman knows top 10 of those reasons" LOL Seems that way.

So I checked google news to see what is being reported, looks like this is not going to end well for Letterman.

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Yeah the Holiday Inn would be the better choice and there are more alternatives coming soon! I've got alot of girlfriends that wear next to nothing and always get away with it.

I always tell people how great it is to live in Dubai and I'm a firm believer that sometimes its better than living back in Canada not just for tax reasons but that there's alot to do. Any website pertaining to the above or "dating", "sex", etc.

Chuck Well we had issues with the shipping/transportation company when I was in Albuquerque as they originally "verbally" quoted me for enclosed trailer transport from Albuquerque to Houston but arranged a open style car carrier claiming it wasn't ever quoted (Mad as heck).

Both myself and the seller (Viper Driver) weren't happy with that option so I've now arranged the enclosed truck to pick her up on July 16th. Jetpilot Well I'll help everyone out with your photos then! Jetpilot Nice photos, I always wanted to visit Dubai and UAE.

I have to say it was pretty daunting to send someone I hardly know money from half way around the world but when you have a good gut feeling you know it. Good to see one happy seller and one very happy owner (Viper Driver and his 2002 Me and my new 1991): Me driving the car for the first time: The beautiful 1991 NSX: NSX meet in Albuquerque which Viper Driver arranged: Well if you're a new owner, how come I've still got two NSXs in my garage?

Viper Driver has been meticulous as an owner of this car and it was by far the best buying experience I've ever encountered. Don't worry, she's sleeping restfully under her blanket until the truck arrives! I'm glad to know she's going to an owner who's going to take care of her!

Letterman must be wishing that now, after accused blackmailer Robert (Joe) Halderman said "not guilty" at ...

This is allegedly one of the interns on his staff Letterman was having sex with: You Tube - David Letterman ex-lover Stephanie Birkitt in Know Your Current Events skit You Tube - David Letterman's ex-lover Stephanie Birkitt in skit with Rupert Jee Great boss: Stephanie and Letterman during one of her appearances on the show She looks familiar, not too long ago she used to bring gifts to his audience on the show if I'm not mistaken, Dave used to tease her now and then with comments but they seemed pretty harmless at the time.

Life is good here and will be better once my NSX arrives! Jetpilot as long as they can still bring in their money.... i also heard the the gov't doesn't allow hi-speed internet, and everything is still run through phone lines? Its more modern in Dubai than most places in North America!!! We get google video, youtube, facebook, etc etc....