Both tires are T-rated (maximum speed of 118 mph) and in the base Mustang’s stock 215/65TR17 size.

Hankook markets the Optimo H727 as a standard all-season touring tires with applications to fit coupes and sedans as well as minivans and crossovers.

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Once the Mustang was pointed straight, I finished the last two laps with a bit more caution.

Next, I stepped inside a Mustang shod with a set of Cooper CS5 Grand Touring tires.

Next, we headed over to the dry autocross where we again tested the Hankook tires before testing the new Cooper CS5. While I didn’t repeat my 720-degree spin with the Hankook Optimo H727 touring tires, I was able to do a bit more than a 360-degree spin on the dry tarmac.

Fitted with the CS5 Grand Touring tires, the Mustang was able to carry a higher speed through the corners with more driver confidence.

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As Cooper Tires celebrates its 100th anniversary, this year also marks the introduction of the new Cooper CS5 Grand Touring and Ultra Touring tires — claimed to be the most important tires in the company’s history.

The new CS5 effectively replaces the company’s popular CS4 tire.

Where the Hankook tires gave out without warning, the CS5 Grand Touring tires had a higher wet road-holding limit and were much more progressive and communicative as they began to lose grip.