What a lot of people don't realize is times are different now than they were even just 10 years ago in the music industry.You can use social media platforms to build a following and instantly upload a video that gets millions of views versus touring to get your name out where you most likely are playing for less than 50 people in a bar at a time.We are guilty on focusing on too many things at once, but we are doing what we love and that's why we think of so many things we want to do!

Everyone who has kept an eye on the news lately has seen Sabrina Abu-Obeid's magical color-changing hair that has exploded the internet over the past few weeks.

After Sabrina's boyfriend and fellow band member DJ Monopoli notices her newly-dyed hair change color before his eyes when she walks from the kitchen to the bathroom, he's mesmerized and posts a video on You Tube.

We needed a name for the artist page, and DJ suggested Tera Brite. As for the music industry, I think we add a dynamic that's different from the norm by being a duo who have also been dating for seven years now.

We are able to produce high quality content on our own from home and interact on a closer level with our fans than the traditional artists out there who have producers/managers do most of the work and social posting.

I just want quiet and a long time to wake up before I can think, but I guess he keeps me on top of things!

I think I would have a temporary non-career seeking job to hold me over while I finish my bachelor's degree in Digital Media.

I loved that my hair went viral because that meant people were finding all the other things I have put so much work into including Tera Brite.

I gained a lot of subscribers from it and I can't complain about that!

I actually had food poisoning the first night it went viral and was totally out of it but was so shocked at how viral it was the next day when I was feeling better.