He or she does their best to hide their alleged defects by projecting an air of superiority.

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In recent years, Jehovah’s Witnesses have come to expect much from Watchtower’s annual meeting – an ostensibly corporate event that has been increasingly used to unveil new publications, or new “understandings of scripture.” At the 2011 meeting, it was announced that the Governing Body had sort-of decided to move the organization’s headquarters to Warwick in upstate New York.

In 2012, it was announced that the Governing Body (and NOT all heaven-bound Christians) were henceforth to be considered the “faithful and discreet slave.” In 2013 a new revised New World Translation Bible was unveiled. And at last year’s event, it was announced that the Theocratic Ministry School is no more (something we knew about in advance due to an insider leak).

there is no one standard for how a narcissist will react when ignored.

Some will react violently, some will be furious, some will stalk the person, some won’t care at all, and some will never truly have a “love” interest that they put that much value on.“Love” may not necessarily be impossible for narcissists; they just view love differently than other people.

More specifically, Witnesses will have to ask their group overseer for a printed version rather than simply picking one up at the literature counter, as the following paragraph from a letter to congregations makes clear: In the not-so-distant past when I was assigned to organize the inventory of congregation literature, we always kept a healthy stock of songbooks just in case visiting Witnesses or interested persons needed one.

These days, however, it seems Watchtower is being far more frugal with how its printed “spiritual food” is being dispensed.

Beka is my boyfriend’s wife, and the girls are their children.

I met her husband, Josh, the summer before, on Mother’s Day, which coincided with their 12th wedding anniversary.

Narcissists see love as a relationship where they are provided with a significant, highly valued source of narcissistic supply.