Most of us feel the need to stay informed, especially if relatives are affected by those events.

As expected, Hurricane Irene is trending and cybercriminals are already taking advantage of it on Twitter by...

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The latest mention spam invites people to watch "sextapes" from... A laptop, an i Phone, a Playstation, a macbook Air, a free Subscription to Cosmo, a xbox , an i Tunes Gift Card…?

Just mention the right keyword in a tweet and there’s a big chance that you will get a free offer for one of those items. As reported by Web Sense, a new scam is currently spreading on Twitter.

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Twitter might start to charge in October, sign this petition to keep the service free!

There is no petition to sign and Twitter will not start to charge people in October.

In case you are not familiar with Twitter, a mention is a Tweet that contains a "@username" anywhere in the body of the message and the Tweets will show up in your Mentions tab on the Connect page. Our favorite profile view survey scammers are back on Twitter with a brand-new application called Pr0file Analyzer v 2.4.

The app claims it can see who viewed your Twitter profile and users are being duped into granting access to their Twitter accounts to spread the scam even wider. Since at least the 19th of April 2012 several Twitter accounts have been taken over by Acai Berry diet scammers.

The tweets transmit the misleading information that U. news organization CNN confirmed that Osama bin Laden is still alive.