He is also known for playing the role of Jim Profit in the series Profit (1996).

He is considered as one of the most talented personalities in the Hollywood industry.

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(Not cool)Keep an eye out for Hayden the home wrecker at a theatre near you.

Now this alone is not fishy, but then it gets weird: The entire restaurant was closed for the three hours they were there. Now I’m not necessarily saying this means he’s dating Hayden, but, if he isn’t, this is a REALLY stupid situation for him to put himself in, considering that Hayden has a history of shacking up with her older co-stars.

They were married in Las Vegas's Little White Wedding Chapel in a $55 no-frills ceremony officiated by the chapel's "Pastor Ann." I wouldn't doubt it as well if a fling did happen at some point.

Hayden is one hot girl and she acts a lot older then she really is.

Adrian Pasdar better known as Nathan Patrelli on NBC Heroes have been caught spending a little too much time with much younger fellow actress and Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden who is 19 and Adrian who is 44, married and has 2 kids; has been caught getting really really close to his young actress."The two of them have been spending a lot of alone time off and on set, as well he has been seen leaving her trailer numerous times"- insider says Hayden who was dating Nathans younger brother Peter on the show played by Milo Ventmiglia is only 31.

His nationality is American and ethnicity is mixed(Iranian-American, German, Polish).

His father worked as a cardiac surgeon and his mother was a nurse, English teacher, and travel agent.

If you look at the resemblance of Adrians current wife and Hayden you can see that would be his type.

His wife looks like an older washed out version of Hayden in about 20yrs.

I hope everyone gets all their Jollies off, and I'll see you back here on January 2nd.