On the other hand, in context, O’Neal seems to actually mean that she would like to be a gay role model.There is a difference: both “iconhood” and “role modeling” are abstract, somewhat subjective concepts, but they each have slightly separate but meaningful (although not mutually exclusive) roles in the queer community.

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These gay icons often have a symbiotic and mutually respectful relationship with the gay community.

Other gay icons globally include Oscar Wilde, the Egyptian singer Dalida in Italy and the Middle East, Vince Ganda in the Philippines, Willeke Alberti in the Netherlands, Marianne Rosenberg in Germany, and Ajda Pekkan in Turkey, to name just a few.

As just a few ideas, perhaps queer women approach the idea of iconhood differently than men. Whatever the cause, the lesbian community needs more icons. Kelly Clarkson recognizes Kezbos/Kesbians—her lesbian fanbase, both great starts.

We need icons who will enthusiastically, exuberantly embrace our community; who will champion and celebrate our culture. We need celebrities to adopt the lesbian community in particular as their own. In addition to more heterosexual female dykons, the lesbian/bi community could benefit from more heterosexual male dykons as well.

So where are the gay icons for the gay female community? To begin with, whether O’Neal wants to be a role model or an icon, I welcome both as important roles in the queer community.

A working definition of a gay role model might be an openly gay, bi, or queer person whose positive behavior, example, or success generates respect from others and inspires them—particularly young people—to feel more comfortable embracing their sexual orientation.Role models inspire individuals to find their own inner strength by example.Although a celebrity might not consciously set out to be a role model, many come to feel a strong sense of responsibility to be a good public face for the LGBT community.Perhaps it’s time the queer female community get some of our own.Wonder if Tegan and sofu are still Together, seems weird tegan spent most of her time off in Vancouver.Not trying to say they broke up just speculating before you bite my head off.