Still, you've got to be in it to win it, and it is a novel new way of meeting people who you'd almost certainly never meet any other way.

It also works for men seeking men and women seeking women, so it caters for the entire community's sexual preferences.

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Who knows, for office workers in big cities, it may even be possible to set up a Bluetooth-enabled base station in a shopfront outside a subway station or a busy downtown mall and scan the crowd for potential partners.

As the service has only just launched, the biggest problem will be driving the installed base to critical mass.

Kangourouge is also preparing for the launch of a WAP site that will enable mobile phone browsers to navigate the web site more efficiently and download the software direct to the phone.

The Proxidating site currently lists 25 models of mobile phone that are compatible with Proxidating, and Kangourouge expects its software will be compatible with almost all Bluetooth enabled phones within a few months.

The Internet Dating Industry is now both massive and mainstream Just for the record, internet dating (computer-mediated matching) sites make up around 1% of all internet sites visited (data based on monitoring the internet browsing habits of approximately 20 million internet users in America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom).

That number may seem small, but it comparison to all internet traffic aggregated by genre it is fact VERY LARGE - dating sites get more traffic (in terms of visits and page views), than all automotive-related traffic, or all gambling-related traffic.

Kangourouge is also preparing Proxidating for the next generation of Bluetooth technology, capable of providing 100m coverage, and giving an even greater chance of meeting your dream date.

This simple improvement in coverage area will significantly increase the chances of meeting a match (44 times more likely) when it becomes available.

There may well be 1.7 billion mobile phone users in the world, but it's the number of compatible Proxidating users that counts, and right now there aren't many.