He repeated, “I would love to talk about the movie.” Gyllenhaal is currently promoting the sci-fi horror film, Life (which costars Ryan Reynolds), about astronauts who discover life on Mars.The Southpaw actor also alluded to the Swift question later in the interview while discussing a meeting with former president Barack Obama.

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This is why Michael Keaton was a wonderful wild card in Batman history.

He was cast not because he had a super-heroic physique. Gyllenhaal certainly has the build for a superhero look, but also a bit of the talent balance that made Keaton so seminal in the role.

— but her relationship with Jake was going so gosh-darned well that decided there was no reason to wait! Shortly after they, uhh, baked their first love custard, though, he turned into a different dude!

Things eventually got so bad that between them that he stood her up at her 21st birthday party!!!

Things got even icier when Jonze wanted to know whether the actor had listened to any of Swift’s songs rumored to be about him, which include “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Red” and “All Too Well.” Gyllenhaal didn’t respond, and the duo sat in silence.

Eventually, he said, “I would love to not talk about my personal life.” Jonze pushed back, arguing that it’s a response to things that have been put out in the public domain, but Gyllenhaal disagreed.

“I’m not necessarily guarded, but I consider intimacy to be very important and I don’t think everybody needs to know about my family or my personal details,” Gyllenhaal said.

“I’m old school in that way.” The journalist then asked why he would date Swift, who’s ben known to write songs about past romances.

Don’t ask Jake Gyllenhaal any questions about what it was like dating Taylor Swift!

The actor and singer got together in 2011, but the romance ended pretty quickly – and he would rather not talk about it now.

Besides, when an actor is covered from head to toe in black rubber, with little of his face visible, it’s all but impossible to emote.