Helped set the company up then found my way to a fly away team for some RDF work. I was an instructor at USASATC&S intermittently when not on TDY or PCS assignments. [email protected] Richard Silverman - QTH - Baton Rouge, LA. Other calls held: AD4MZ, DA1QC, VQ9NC, /VP9, /KV4, C6A. Through proper information gathering these Intruders can be put off the air by political means.

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I still like DX and some contesting, but the game of golf has taken over my free time more. [email protected] Gregory Liebert - QTH is Shelbrune, Vermont.

I currently have Ten Tec equipment and a 100' tower of Rohn 45G with monobanders. 73 and I'd love to see you on the bands someday for a rag chew. Because of my O5H MOS, I was able to go from no ticket to an EXTRA in 6 months, after 23 years away for the dits.

We moved into the IWCS / telephone exchange building, borrowed some equipment from the Air Force, put a homebrew beam on top of a 50ft tower (rotated by rope) and started running decent phone patches.

Later on, the ASA antenna crew put up a 200ft tower.

The one I need is BS7 Scarborough Reef the rock that's underwater at high tide. My XYL is a ham also and her call is N2NQE, My son is WJ2Z and my daughter is N2WCT. Some ASA HAMS known to me at ROTHWESTEN Ken Morris K2UYK - NEW YORK, Ken Rodgers KI5N - TEXAS, KW1Q - MAINE, Hal Reid K6DPL- Georgia, Scott Fitzgerald K2YIZ - NJ, Bill Jones KD7S - Calif. COM KC4QMX - Michael Mulich - Augusta, GA - First ticket back in 1957 K0MNW Obtained in Kyoto, Japan Club call was KA4AS 10TH ASAFS. Active on cw traffic nets most days/nights Camp Gordon Ga. Was first licensed in Alaska as KL7BQM then back to New York and My Call was Changed to K2RFG. [email protected] N4NLS - Tony Woolwine - Nashville, Tennessee - formerly Campobello, SC Licensed for 10 years - operating Kenwood TS 850, Yeasu and Kenwood 2 meters - Kenwood dual bander. Largely CW (diddy bops in my days with the ASA) and chiefly on 20 meters. ASA 63-66 Fort Devens, Two Rock Ranch Calif., Rothwestern. Army MOS 058 [email protected] - Al Brogdon - QTH - Fritzwilliam, NH. Electronic Warfare Officer course, Fort Monmouth, Feb to May 1958. 73 de Al, [email protected] - Ken Weigel - QTH - La Crosse, WI - I've been a Ham since 1974- ASA from 1969-1972-I had basic at Ft. Use a Kenwood TS-140S with a Cushcraft R-7 stick antenna. Also, built a couple of MARS 2-meter repeaters, and the first autopatch repeater in Baton Rouge; it was located on top of the State Capital. Retired after 36 years with the gas/electric utility in Seattle. I was an 05H and was at Herzo Base, went to 'Nam with the advanced party of the 335th RRC, then to Vint Hill after 'Nam and to Hakata in 1971. Always looking for old friends.-- Mike and Sheren Martin - Vietnam Vet and Proud of it. - MOS 345.1 crypto repair, stationed at North Camp Drake Toyko Japan from '58-62. Baker: [email protected] Charles Page - Served at Rothwesten, Wobeck, Mt. I operate CW only and like to hunt DX, especially on 160 meters. I was HL9KO in Korea; finished out my 5 years in ASA at VHFS. I use an FT-7800 and an FT-857 for mobil and portable operation. Bad news was that it was 13 miles from Canada in the middle of nowhere.

My favorite band is 20 meters and sometimes I use 75 meters. At the 14th FLD STN hams I knew were Jack De Lorme K7DZE - WASHINGTON, Robert F. My email address is [email protected] will be glad to hear from other hams. I was at 12th ASA Field Station from June, 1958 to June 1960 as a morse code operator. WB4KGL - FORT GORDON, GA Early 70's - [email protected] - Lloyd Wyatt - San Angelo, TX - (Former 058-H) - Licensed while stationed as 1SG of 408th ASA Co in Panama (1977-80), KA4GNZ. - Llloyd Wyatt - [email protected] - Fred Butts - Milton, MA - Stationed at Herzo 1950/1952 8606 AAU field station... Became inactive in 1966 and again got back into Ham Radio Just 2 years ago. Necessary compound (321st) later the 177th then VHFS as 058.20 and SP5 P1 Exited 1958 to The Univ. ELINT Officer, 319th USASA Bn, Jun 1958 to Aug 1959. Joined Civil Air Patrol in 1993 as a Communications officer for a Senior Flying Squadron. Hold lifetime commercial license and extra class ham ticket. Two tours in Thailand and two at field station Bad Aibling DL4JN. Recently M0DBZ England 2001-2004 JAC EUCOM counterterrorism cell. I live on a farm and have lots of room for beverage antennas. I have QSO's with WB9GMO, Mike Hammel, who was also an 058 in Taiwan, Phu Bai and VHFS. I run a Small Wonder Labs PSK-20 and DSW II (20m) and a Heathkit HW-8 for QRP operaton. 73 - President Burlington County Radio Club - [email protected] Good news was that I was there during the ARRL "WAS Bicentenial" contest and had no trouble working anyone.Devens - 286 (26B) School - Communications Equipment Maintenance - Spent all my time at Devens Teaching 26B classes. I'm at [email protected] Rob Welsh - QTH - Holland, PA - MOS 283, Electronic Warfare Equip Repair.- April 28, 1968 Discharged E-6, 26K - Currently living in Pittsburg, CA working in a steel mill. After 282/283 school at Ft Monmouth, TUSLOG Det 4 Sinop Turkey for one year.Tony [email protected] - Marvin Bronstein - Served '62 ~ '64 Rothwesten. Trained at Devens then 2 years at Kagnew Station in Asmara, Ethiopia. [email protected] - Dick Tickemyer - Warrensburg, MO - Was an O5H/98G 2L68(spanish). Practiced in Md & DC and pro hac vice in northern va for almost a decade. Operated as AA0RN/IT9 and W0CRG/IT9 through most of the 90's. I'm not licensed in Germany, so I only operate portable when I travel to CEPT countries. [email protected] Jeff Leach - 1972 to 1975 - Deven's, Vint Hill, Homestead AFB and back to Vint Hill for the finish. After Vietnam took the plunge & re-upped to spend 3 yrs in Germany (USASAFS Herzogenaurach). I now live in Puerto Rico and still hold my first and only call WB7ADC. [email protected] Don Jaster -4th USASA, Funny Farm, Asmara (Kagew Station) '59-'61 [email protected] Stephen Lee - QTH - Federal Way, WA - Amateur Extra since '94.184th USASA OPNS CO./319th Bn (5th corps/7th Army USASAEUR). No longer practice law but am a Realtor with Fairfax Realty's Georgetown - Foxhall Office with Md, DC & Va licenses. First at 12th USASAFS, Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan, Feb., ? Spend most of my time on the HF Digital modes, especially RTTY, In most RTTY contests and for some reason favor ? After getting caught up in the mid-70's CB craze, got my Ham ticket in late 70's (first as KA8AEF and then N8AUZ to KC8QS) while living in Michigan and have been licensed ever since although I was not very active for last 10 years or so. Began an 058 in 1956 went to Bad Aibling Germany in 56 and left in 57. [email protected] - Patrick Horner - QTH - Delaware. Enjoy homebrewing, QRP, CW, and RTTY, primarily on HF bands. Hood, TX, in '71 then separated from the Army in January, 1972. We both earned our Bachelors at Arizona State University in 1976. [email protected] Mike Whelpley - QTH - Florida - Served at Devens, Asmara, Vietnam, Germany and have been a ham since the mid sixties now living in Florida, Was licensed in Ethiopia and Germany and had a mars station in Vietnam (when time permitted) Worked in the agency as a O5H4HS3.Finally found some use for all the diddydots that ole' uncle sam crammed into the old noggin'. Manna - I have been licensed since 1959 my original call was WA2MTR which is now my club call sign. I was stationed in Giessen Germany 1952-1953 Hq & Hq 307th Com Recon Bn. There were a couple hams in the company but I can't remember the names or call signs. from IL) - mostly on two meters and 40 meters (the RV service net on 7230)... Ctrypto repair 345/32G20 [email protected] - Don Evilsizor - Columbia City, IN - 5 miles north of town. Most of the time I have been a net operator on the Indiana Traffic Nets both voice & CW. Currently I am net control on the Indiana Traffic Net (ITN) Monday evenings at 1630 local Indiana time and Friday mornings at 0830 local time on 3910 KHZ. I am using an Elecraft K1 with a vertical on 40, 30, 20 and 17 meters. Have an Icom receiver (R75) & an older Yaesu FT301. M1M (San Marino), CQ CW WW DX Test, 1963 (11th highest single-op all-band score, worldwide). Current station is a Ten-Tec Omni 6 and W1AB Killer Antenna (see QST, Jun 1999) on 160-10 meter CW. [email protected] - Mike Zane (formerly K6URI) licensed 1956. Bragg-1961, RVN-1961-62, 3rd FS Okinawa (KR6FE)-1963-64. [email protected] - Jimmy Caines - Trained as 05H in '66 at Ft Devens, didn't pass 15 so they sent me to HQ USASAPAC and made me a clerk. After a break for college and graduate school I finished up the military career in Air Force public affairs. I remember modifying the BC610 to act as an amplifier for the transceiver. Haven't been on the air for a couple of years now, but have done a lot VHF work. -983.10 at Bad Aibling 62-64, acting company clerk at 341st ASA Co. [email protected] Bob Cooley - QTH - Rutherfordton, NC. Hang out on 17 mtr at 18.160 or the 20 mtr band all over. I was stationed at Kagnew Station 1962-1963 in HQ Co. My call sign is W8MH, formerly WA9BEP (since 1960). - 98J30 Sinop, Turkey 1972 - [email protected] - Gina Hunter - Worked as a 32D20 at Davis Station with 509 RRCUV (1970 to 1972) and then at ASA Field Station Augsburg ('72 to "75).