Whenever you ask someone to tell you about themselves, and their answer begins with, “Well, I work for such and such,” you know you’re dealing with someone with not a lot to offer.Really, that goes for all people who defines themselves through a singular characteristic. You can’t “cheat” by pouring yourself into and perfecting one single aspect of it and then expecting everything else to fall in place.

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Were someone to call a woman a “loser” for being, say, a career grad student or some kind of lowbrow service professional, I feel it would be met with cries of “Hey, at least she’s trying! ” Of course, the joke’s on them, because justifying someone’s career choice undermines that person’s freedom of choice, and chastising one group for judging another while encouraging the same thing among your own group is the very opposite of equality.

Unfashionable as it may be, I’m going to go ahead and say that, in 2013, men need to stop dating losers. When women deride a man as being a “useless loser,” what they really seem to be complaining about is someone who blindly, uncompromisingly places his own prerogatives above all else, often at the expense of others.

If it sounds like I’m saying men should try to find a woman who “has it all,” I am. If women can set a high bar for the men they date, there’s no reason we can’t, too. But there’s no reason for men (or anyone) to date losers unwilling to alter their course in life to at least somewhat accommodate what’s supposed to be a loved one. That’s fine, but she shouldn’t be surprised if the men she’s after expect the same thing. Sure, and maybe she doesn’t need to make as much money as you, but maybe you expect her to at least have some clear goals.

It’s time more men set standards for themselves that go beyond cup size or hair color.

A woman who’s beautiful is nothing if she doesn’t also have goals.

A hard-driving career woman is no good unless she has outside interests and knows how to create time for them.

No, the last part, the thing about dating “losers.” It’s a testament to just how useless TED talks are, because people have been telling women that their boyfriends are losers forever.

Men are expected to have a sense of direction and ambition more or less from birth, so much so that most women will list “ambition” right under “sense of humor” on a list of vague qualities they seek out in a romantic partner.

Women know this, which is why they seek out men who at least have the potential for success.

Men don’t seem to realize it until they’re supporting another person whose biggest life decision is where she wants to eat lunch that day.

Watson, who has played the bossy know-it-all witch since the age of 11, and is said to have amassed a £10 million fortune, admitted to US magazine Parade that she need never work again.