There is still too much that is unknown about ages, gender, and other factors.When you look at the top of an infant's head, you'll notice a pattern in the growth of hair.During a child's first few months and years of life, every well child visit to the pediatrician includes a measurement of head circumference.

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The rate of growth for the head also outpaced the child's overall growth at this time.

It's important to keep in mind that a larger-than-average head size or a growth spurt in head circumference is not a symptom of autism.

In the last couple of decades, there's been a great deal of research into a possible correlation.

One 2005 article from JAMA Psychiatry describes a small study of toddlers with and without autism spectrum disorder.

There is an association between head size and ASD, but that doesn't mean that everyone with a larger head is on the spectrum.

It also doesn't mean that everyone with autism has a larger head.

The doctor then compares the child's measurement to a standard growth chart to see if the child's head is larger or smaller than average and how quickly his or her head is growing.

A head that is growing very quickly or is significantly larger than average may be one physical aspect of autism.

There may be differences in the rate of brain growth at various ages, but this study's authors stress brain structure cannot be used to help diagnose ASD.

Research is ongoing at facilities like the UC San Diego School of Medicine to determine whether brain imaging will ever be able to help diagnose autism.

However, it's perfectly acceptable to ask about brain volume when you receive the results.