To avoid getting detention and having to sign up for the talent show, Ivy tries to use different forms of long distance communication, but Tater bans them all.Echo signs up for the talent show at school and decides to sing, a decision which Adam encourages at first.While Rachel was in suspension, Slab's mother kissed Slab's father and married him 11 years later. Note: Kurt Ostlund also plays as his "mother" and "father".

Guest star: Emilie Ullerup as Sydney Finkelbaum Adam tries to get the school's ban on cheerleaders lifted by solving a twenty-five-year-old mystery.

It turns out to be Slab's mother who put the glue on the chicken head to blame Rachel (Adam's Mom) . Absent: Emily Tennant as Ivy Young, as she is seen as one of the cheerleaders for the Finnegan Fryers and she is mentioned.

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Because no one is getting detention, except for Derby, Tater starts to make new rules in order to give out detentions.

When he sees Ivy texting in the hall, he tells her that there is a new rule against it.

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But when he hears her singing voice, he tries to change her mind without hurting her feelings.

Meanwhile, Derby searches for a talent to use in the show.

When Tater finds out, he places Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, and Ivy under quarantine.