Instrukcja: Nicole sterujemy za pomocą myszki - wskazując kursorem jaką czynność ma w danym momencie wykonać: Gdy dziecko płacze - należy do niego podejść i sprawdzić czego od Ciebie oczekuje.Gdy się zmoczyło należy położyc je na leżance do przewijania i wskacac Nicole pieluche.Link Walkthrough Kaleidoscope Dating Sim II is a fantasy game released by Nummyz. However, to be blunt, the grinding was nearly intolerable for me.

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After entering the dream world, you found that you are not able to leave. She’ll become the love of your life and help you leave the Dream World.

Failure to find your soulmate will result in you being locked in this dream forever. One of the most beautiful original Flash dating simulations, created by artist Mayuiki, storyline by Nummyz, and coded by Kyo.

She has a bubbly and sweet personality, and is very feminine (as is clear from her appearance, attitude, and love of “girly” pursuits like shopping).

She grows somewhat shy at the prospect of entering a relationship with Soffie, but in the best ending will end up in a relationship with her in the real world.

Cero: Friendly Type When you meet Cero, he is cursed into the form of a mushroom.

Although he seems pretty bummed about it (who wouldn’t be), he’s still a friendly and positive person, warning her not to make the same mistake he did.

However, he remains cold if you pick any of the wrong answers, and even fairly far into his route he still just says that she’s not “that annoying.” Like essentially all jerk type characters, Gage has a tragic back story to explain his cold attitude.

By the end of the route, though, Gage is actually pretty sweet towards the protagonist.

She drank a potion that she was told would give back her voice, but instead transported her into the Dream World.

If she successfully finds a soul mate within 30 “dream cycles,” (effectively days) she is able to leave the realm and regain her voice.

Gage: Jerk Type Gage is initially very confrontative with Soffie, repeatedly telling her to leave so he can concentrate on his art.