That's why you see Superflow engine dynos doing step testing.

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When you order a complete LSR 2-1 exhaust with the RSR Air Fuel Ratio Gauge and The TTS Master Tune there is a $75.00 discount on the total price.

You can observe while you ride in the real world to evaluate transitionals and wide open throttle .

Real time monitoring when you ride is the only way you can evaluate transitionals, acceleration additives, and wide open the real world air and on the road like you do normally.

that takes into account the increased compression and displacement, but we are not releasing anything until some things settle down. We'll release them when there are real gains to be made. One of our M-8 test bikes came in with a V&H Duals that, when we removed them, Customer writes: "Here is the new LSR 2-1 Black Hole pipe I had Black Hills Harley purchase for my new FLHXS with the Fuel Moto 117" kit.

Customer writes: "Well here is a picture of my bike with your exhaust system on it.

All I can say is it is everything it's supposed to be.

You can really only do one wide-open throtte pull and one rpm site before the engine heats up too much.

Best do real world data recording with the TTS while you ride and then evauate, in real time, your map with the RSR mili-second fast RSR Fuel Ratio Gauge.

00-1396 LSR 2-1 Pro Stock Spyder exhaust with 2" primaries and four heat shields.above.

All LSR 2-1 Milwaukee 8 Exhausts come standard with both 12mm and 18mm O2 ports.

When you consider an 80" EVO was about 58 HP with 175 to 200F oil temperatures it's no wonder these run closing in on 300F hot.