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However, attempting to register such names as one's middle name results in a message telling users that "Names can't have too many words." Therefore, many Chamoru users are forced to either run all of the words together as if they were one single word, or to initialize each word to a common acronym such as DLG or DLC. The message is not accompanied by an option to challenge/appeal the restriction or to send Facebook documentation that the format is how one normally formats their name in real life.

In cases where the acronym is employed, Facebook automatically changes to lower-case all letters except the first. In January 2015, a 23-year-old Australian bank employee claiming to be named Phuc Dat Bich posted a photo of his passport identification page to Facebook, protesting that the company had unfairly shut down his account for being "false and misleading".

(Chamoru culture, having been colonized by Spain, went through a period where indigenous names and naming conventions were forcibly eradicated and replaced by what the conquering Spanish deemed acceptable.) Furthermore, using one's full name rather than simply the first and last is commonplace, if only for disambiguation purposes due to a relatively small pool of surnames.

Therefore, middle names such as De Leon Guerrero and De La Cruz are frequently encountered. G., will result in a message telling users that "Profile names can't have too many periods.") Therefore, someone commonly known in real life by a name such as Mary De Leon Guerrero Mafnas would have to resort to using what on Facebook would end up being "Mary Dlg Mafnas".

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Meetic dispone di un team di un centinaio di persone incaricate di sorvegliare e moderare il sito.Consiglio nº1: Descriviti subito al momento dell’iscrizione!Meetic mette a tua disposizione un profilo molto completo — più il tuo profilo sarà completo più alte saranno le tue possibilità di contatto. Se non vuoi completare un campo, seleziona “Preferisco non rispondere”.s "real-name system" dictating how people register their accounts and configure their user profiles.The controversy stems from a policy that those who have been adversely affected describe as penalizing users who are in fact using their real names which Facebook has nevertheless deemed to be "fake", while simultaneously allowing anyone to create fake yet plausible-sounding names, as well as obviously implausible-sounding names comprising word combinations that Facebook's software fails to recognize as unlikely to be real.x Proseguendo nella navigazione, accetti l’utilizzo di cookie per realizzare delle statistiche di audience e proporti servizi e offerte adatti ai tuoi centri di interesse, pulsanti di condivisione e di acquisizione di contenuti da piattaforme social.