Equally important, the business administrator can set up roles for agents that determine their ability to create and document new knowledge into the system.

Very soon the system allows agents to not just multitask, but taken on multispecialty roles and the savings in speed to competency and efficiency speak for themselves.

To improve the call set up and wrap up process, e Gain’s call center knowledge management software includes out-of-the-box integration with leading call tracking applications.

During call set up, the IVR data can be captured to pre-populate questions so that the agent can get a running start on the issue resolution process.

available in a consistent format to all your users, along with the knowledge maintained within the e Gain knowledge framework.

The adapter is compatible with over 100 file formats so that existing enterprise data can be easily leveraged in resolving customer issues.

Successful and effective knowledge management starts with quality content.

While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked by companies in the rush to drive down costs of content creation and management.

External content, or parts of it, can also be easily suggested as new content for the knowledge base.

This tight integration further lowers the cost of maintaining the knowledge base.

The result is poor quality knowledge — stale, irrelevant, or worse, even incorrect, ultimately resulting in customer dissatisfaction and poor agent adoption.