Leda is a You Tuber who has a relatively large fan base.

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She top divorce dating sites recently returned on Youtube, twitter, and instagram.

Her first channel, ledafknbanana, was hacked inbut her views managed to save some of her tutorials and videos she made when she was a teenager and reuploaded them.

Lord of the Rings was a huge influence on her life.

Her first videos on this channel were short vlogs and random videos with her friends and ex boyfriend, Nathan Owens ahoynateo. They are just so supportive, but it never gets easy.

Then it seemed she went though a plethora of boyfriends, friends and other changes anime, looking like a cat.

Leda deleted all of her social media accounts on August 27, due to personal issues and the way she was being treated online.

Her fans saved some of her tutorials and videos she made when she was a teenager.

After that incident, she made another channel, Leda Dragon Lady, which shortly got hacked.

She entered her "scene phase" back in 2008 & went under the name Leda Lifeweary, but changed it to Leda Monster Bunny.

The monster in her "scene" name comes from the popular energy drink that she used to drink & the bunny comes from her comparison to a bunny when she was a child. Her first channel, ledafknbanana, was hacked in 2010.

All of my tattoos have wonderful meanings that are is still dating leda important to me, but they are not attached to my tattoos. He asked her to imagine a beautiful butterfly and then think of it as ugly.