From her rotating cast of Ken doll boyfriends to her famous squad, Swift consistently made headlines.

Love her or hate her, but show some freaking gratitude for a woman who would go on a double date with her friend who is currently dating her ex-boyfriend just to feed us clickbait-hungry monsters.

So when the VMAs rolled around so quickly after Swift’s Snapchat fiasco, the star turned away from her walk-in closet full of sequined mini dresses and opted to fulfill her civic duty instead.

Yes, Taylor Swift, image-crafter extraordinaire, managed to avoid a high-profile awards show appearance by claiming that she had jury duty the next day.

The “human relationship” proceeded in a manner characteristic of typical human relationships.

They ate dinner together, held hands, and traveled the world.

The rest of the video is Zayn and Swift throwing objects like glasses, lamps, pillows across their rooms in anger.”Super Bowl Bonanza Swift performed her first and quite possibly last concert of the year in February, telling the audience that, “By coming to this show tonight, you are attending 100 percent of this year’s tour dates.”The Ed Sheeran Rendezvous In May, news broke that Taylor Swift was months-deep into a relationship with British actor Joe Alwyn.

While anyone who’s familiar with Swift knows that up-and-coming Brits are her personal heroin, the real surprise was that the singer actually pulled off a secret romance.

Swift even let Hiddleston pick out an interpersonal relationship party favor from her closet of affirmational tank tops.

Unfortunately, Hiddleston didn’t appear to “heart T.

When Swift was exposed and went into hiding, the entertainment blogosphere lost one of its brightest stars.