Riding on the drops lowers wind resistance by 20 per cent compared with riding on the tops.

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It’s a natural urge as soon as you start pedalling a bike to wonder how fast you are going.

It can reduce our perception of effort by as much as 10 per cent.” You’ll be pedalling harder without even noticing.

Using music that has a beat similar to an optimal cycling cadence will help you to pedal faster if you can match your cadence to the rhythm.

You might consider this cheating but riding with other people will increase your average speed in several ways.

Firstly if you take it in turns to ride in front and share the work of cutting through the wind you will travel faster as a group than on your own.

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Instead of sitting up straight in the saddle and catching a lot of wind, try lowering your body closer to the bars by bending and tucking in your elbows. This is a tricky one because here at CA we think you need all your senses to cycle safely and that riding with an i Pod reduces your ability to hear the traffic around you.

However, the National Cycle Training Standards actually recommend trying it so that you become aware of the need to check over your shoulder at frequent intervals — something that is reduced when riders think they can hear cars.

If you are riding a drop-handled bar sports bike how often do you use the drops?