But if learning to use the keyboard for doing this makes things faster and easier when I get the habits laid down, I´m prepared to do the necessary work. A good way to avoid this i find is correct rally points for tanks and vultures.having your tanks at least in one group and vultures/goliaths is much better.

The best way to train your macro, for me, is playing alone and max out with different strategies and army compositions.

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b) Also I wonder if it a bad idea to build using the mouse. first of all my hotkeys are: Early game: 1 - scout 2 cc 3 racks (then cc), 4 factory. late game i use 12345 for army, and f2 key for macro area, where my factories are, and f3 for army location. As a terran you wanna react fast with your vultures moving them where needed as appropriate.