The following persons, (XXXX) and (YYYY), freely enter into this relationship agreement which will begin October, 19xx, extend for a period of one year, and terminate on October, 19xx.We are defining our relationship as a(n): (Open Dyad).

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(Name) (Name) Dated: ,19xx I freely enter into this contract, choosing to live in the NOW with you and remaining open-hearted to future expansion of our family.

We know nothing is guaranteed and "happily ever after" exists only in fairy tales.

Love and relationships take conscious, consistent effort to maintain and to flourish.

I am free to make commitments and I accept responsibility for my actions. I will not agree to do things with you unless I truly want to, yet I will be respectful of, and sensitive to, your needs and feelings.

If I am on a group date, I will inform my parents of the names of all participants. I agree that an acceptable punishment for disobedience concerning these rules will be and that repeated offenses will result in a complete inability to date for a set period of time.

During any date, I will leave my cell phone on and will answer it immediately if my parents call. And finally, by signing this document I swear that if I ever have any questions about dating, I will discuss those questions with my parents or with another appropriate adult, such as a counselor at school.

Any case studies, success stories will be appreciated. I have to create a Dating Site with these features: - Men register their Profiles with all characteristics (Age, Eyes' Color, Hair's Color..) - Women register on Site but they don't have to insert any information about them - Women can insert an announcement that is visible only by men that correspond to the searched filters.

Aloha: My primary and I created this "contract" four years ago and have not modified or rescinded it since.

This group is for people who are looking to build dating or match making related sites.

If you are developing dating related sites, please post the links here.

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