NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BHL) (the “Fund”) that was previously declared and announced on June 1, 2017.Below are the amended dates for BHL’s liquidating distribution of .800000 per share (the “Liquidating Distribution”):" data-reactid="12"This press release is amending the record date, ex-date and payable date for the liquidating distribution for Black Rock Defined Opportunity Credit Trust (BHL) (the “Fund”) that was previously declared and announced on June 1, 2017.

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Black Rock helps clients around the world meet their goals and overcome challenges with a range of products that include separate accounts, mutual funds, i Shares (exchange-traded funds), and other pooled investment vehicles.

For additional information, please visit the Company’s website at Twitter: @blackrock_news | Blog: Linked In: Availability of Fund Updates" data-reactid="19"Availability of Fund Updates well as certain other material information as necessary from time to time.

Investors and others are advised to check the website for updated performance information and the release of other material information about the Fund.

This reference to Black Rock’s website is intended to allow investors public access to information regarding the Fund and does not, and is not intended to, incorporate Black Rock’s website in this release." data-reactid="20"Black Rock will update performance and certain other data for the Fund on a monthly basis on its website in the “Closed-end Funds” section of well as certain other material information as necessary from time to time.

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The due-bill obligations are settled customarily between the brokers representing the buyers and sellers of the stock.

BHL and Black Rock have no obligations for either the amount of the due-bill or the processing of the due-bill.

can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements.

For just one stage of a product’s life cycle or start-to-finish “360° Solutions,” A.

With respect to the Fund, the following factors, among others, could cause actual events to differ materially from forward-looking statements or historical performance: (1) changes and volatility in political, economic or industry conditions, the interest rate environment, foreign exchange rates or financial and capital markets, which could result in changes in demand for the Fund or in a Fund’s net asset value; (2) the relative and absolute investment performance of a Fund and its investments; (3) the impact of increased competition; (4) the unfavorable resolution of any legal proceedings; (5) the extent and timing of any distributions or share repurchases; (6) the impact, extent and timing of technological changes; (7) the impact of legislative and regulatory actions and reforms, including the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and regulatory, supervisory or enforcement actions of government agencies relating to a Fund or Black Rock, as applicable; (8) terrorist activities, international hostilities and natural disasters, which may adversely affect the general economy, domestic and local financial and capital markets, specific industries or Black Rock; (9) Black Rock’s ability to attract and retain highly talented professionals; (10) the impact of Black Rock electing to provide support to its products from time to time; and (11) the impact of problems at other financial institutions or the failure or negative performance of products at other financial and on Black Rock’s website at and may discuss these or other factors that affect the Fund.