You exemplify the understanding of " Imo Anochi B'Tzara." May Hashem send you Koach AD Bl I Day to continue in your Avodas Ha Kodesh in building continuously Ad Beas Goel Tzedek B"m Hayra B'Yameinu!!Chaya (Far Rockaway, NY ) Thank you for sharing your story.

Love, RNLCatskill Mountains, NY Two of the powerful quotes that Bobby so unassumingly taught in this fantastic video which to me seemed to encapsulate the entire presentation. You forget your sorrow because your busy doing good for others. I will try to always focus on the good in my life even during difficult times.

And as others have commented, the words Shema Yisrael will never be the same to me.

My grandparents were Holocaust Survivors and my grandfather was almost convinced to share his story.

Thank you for taking the plunge and sharing your experience with true Emuna and Bitachon.

Even though I am in the diaspora and have no proof of my Hebraic heritage, I feel a great remorse for those who had to endure the Holocaust.

I am thankful for those of you who were spared and still walk in the love of Ha Shem May you continue to live in health and Shalom. A wonderful video about the strength of faith and courage, and the healing power of love and devotion to others.

I understand you came from Svalavar, Czechoslovakia. I don't imagine about Auschwitz, but the "courage" is to see what Men did to others because of Religion and "inferiority" mind: Tziganes, Resistants, Sicks persons. Thank you Bobby for sharing your story that what you had to endure will not be lost to future generations.

Thank you Bobby for sharing your story with us in South Africa it is so sad that millions of people had to die for nothing but the Jewish people have tenasity and you are GOD'S chosen people and as a friend of Israel God Bless you Bobby Not only JEWS but Everybody must talk, see videos about the most part of "human". Many JEWS of the East of Europe were deported in this "devil's house".

May you continue in good health for many years to come, enjoying your precious family and being a beacon of light for the rest of us.

If you can verbalize it, please answer how does a person purge hate from himself? Bobby,thank you so much for giving us chizuk to strengthen our emunah and bitachon.

Listening to a holocaust survivor speak with such emunah and sincere faith is more powerful than words can describe.