It’s been suggested that clothing like this could be likened to that of wrapping paper around a present.

Now garter belts, although still having deep historic connections, and of course being extremely uncomfortable to wear for a female, has in fact continued it’s popularity.

It’s a sensual form of erotica, as simple as it is appeasing to the eye, which has probably led to consistent interest.

We are back with another informative yet sexy post to excite your senses and question your turn-ons.

Today we are talking about granny stockings – why are they in decline, what’s making dirty women stop buying them, and most importantly do guys even like a mature in garters, suspenders or stockings? If you are a member at uk I think you’ll unequivocally agree that yes, our older female members love dressing up in all sorts of erotic dressage and underwear to tease, and spoil their younger sex date.

When worn together the outfit really scream, ‘sexy’.

We asked a few of our members exactly what it was that made this combination such a huge item of arousal.

In their majority they said the look was exciting and sexy, again a lot made reference to the granny looking more dominating, and all together more powerful.

We were especially interested in what one member had to say, “It’s the area of naked fleshy thigh, between the bottom of the garter down to the top of the stocking that is so tantalizing.” This really got us thinking, we had never really looked at it on this sort of level, normally we think of the duo as a package that individually compliment each other so well.

So to hear this take on it got us thinking about the idea of that one lonesome bit of flesh, and we noticed how it relates back to the concept of wrapping paper.