That is a major difference with competitors and how they run. You turned on some application that is local or browser based, so either you download something or click on a new add on per a browser and then surf the site. Just login to your google analytics account and click on CONTENT in the left side bar and you will see a red BETA next to In-Page Analytics.This required a lot of effort to surf around and honestly the in page analytics I used by Omniture/Adobe and Coremetrics/IBM hardly worked. This new Google In-Page Analytics has really created a great feature, where it grabs the page from the website and it all seems to work… Once you click on In-Page Analytics you will notice that your home page shows up.Notice that links have a little div/verbiage above them with a stat like 1% or 50%.

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SEO before there was SEO (Search Engine Optimization) So, in late 2001 when I was a web analyst on a big ecommerce company, we had just founded, the speed dating company.

We found out right away that how we placed our text into title tags, keywords, meta tags, H1, H2 meant life or death of our fledgling speed dating company.

We were experts at this already, but the SEO guys and gals rode this train from the station.

Sadly enough the SEO people have relegated Web Analytics to a minor task.

Sampling means that you will never have complete accuracy in the data.

But just the fact I could dive deep into the page views and visitor data through my browser for the first time was amazing.

Since then, if you put the key word terms “Speed Dating Fort Lauderdale” or “Speed Dating Seattle” or most any city, our site comes up pretty high in the natural search if not #1.

Now we have some advantage with the aging of the domain ““.

Remember back in 2000 you had to move files around at pre-gigabyte rates, so just file moving was a big issue.

Sampling Data Is Never Going To Be Accurate Anyway, this leads to what I refer to as “sampling”.

I was able to get some basic KPIs (Key Performance Indices) for the first time.