One thing is for certain: With all the films that were nominated, we could easily have made this list 200 entries long.Horror cinema speaks toward the dark side in all of us, allowing us to confront the most frightening, primal forces we struggle with every day—death, and human malevolence—in a way that is actually constructive in strengthening the psyche. Vampyros Lesbos, 1971 Director: Jesús Franco “Jess” Franco is a legend among students of independent and Euro cinema, a galvanizing and polarizing figure whose prodigious output during the ’60s-’80s and onward (until his death in 2013) made him both an idol and an outcast. I've been known to scream, whimper, hide, jump, and even run out of the room when watching some particularly scary movies.

Just when I felt like the whole horror scene in Hollywood had turned to shit, this film came out and scared me half to death. From the second the scares started, I was gripped with fear until the very end.

To this day, no film has ever topped The Thing at scaring me. Words cannot describe how horrified I was throughout this sci-fi/action/horror masterpiece.

While this movie did scare the living shit out of me at times, there are definitely scarier films. Let's just say that I found this movie frustrating and terrifying in equal measure.

This sci-fi/horror from 1978 makes me bite my nails real bad! While the main character annoyed me to death, the sheer terror I felt whenever I saw the villain brought me back to life!

The Countess Nadine Carody, played by the alluring Soledad Miranda, is indeed a vampire, but her status as a monster is ultimately less important than the twisted love affair that ensues between her and protagonist Linda.

With a space-age psychedelic soundtrack that heralded much of his work to come, Vampyros Lesbos feels like a grungier, eroticized answer to the Italian giallo films of Mario Bava.

It's one of the most underrated heroes of the horror genre. Sound off in the comments, and let me know what horror movies scare you half to death!

While I do adore this film, I also hate it for being almost too terrifying for me to watch.

Adapted from the novel by Stephen King, watching Tim Curry dressed as a clown, peeking out of sewage pipes, snatching children and poking blood-filled balloons through bathroom sinks is enough to make you never, ever want to go to another kids' birthday party. " It's a terrific film all around, and a trailblazer for the modern horror film.