More Researchers from the University of Graz in Austria are using a 3D printed reactor system to transform fluoroform, a harmful greenhouse gas, into eflornithine, a drug used to treat African trypanosomiasis (better known as sleeping sickness).

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It was produced off-site using 3D printing technology and then quickly installed.

It's the first bus shelter of its kind in the world, and its part of the local governments commitment to technology innovation.

The machine, called the Ceramo One, will be available for pre-order as soon as January 2018.

More A team from the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University in China has demonstrated the ability to 3D print a complex 1:1 liver model for surgical planning purposes for less that $90.

More Architecture firm Philip Beesley, known for its innovative 'living architecture,' has unveiled its latest creation: 'Astrocyte.' The piece combines 3D printed lighting components, sensors, glasswork, chemistry, and artificial intelligence for an ethereal and immersive architectural experience.

More General Electric Co said on Wednesday it will raise its stake in Swedish 3D printer maker Arcam AB to more than 90 percent after having entered into a trade with both Elliott Management and Polygon Investment Group to purchase their outstanding Arcam shares at SEK 345 (.44) per share.More Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) announced it has been granted a patent for its 'Additive Manufacturing Using Metals from the Gaseous State' process.The Pennsylvania-based company says the innovative 3D printing concept could enable the manufacturing of thin-walled metal parts.More A group of researchers from the University of Osaka has successfully demonstrated a new way that bio-ink droplets can be made to stick together.Their approach could greatly improve 3D bio-printing technology, as it avoids sodium alginate in order to expand the range of compatible cell types and potential tissue structures that could be made.You just might find the business opportunity you've been looking for!