Before you discuss your situation with your Leo, think about the relationship you want.

Then look to see if the relationship you have matches the relationship you want.

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On the other hand, if you’re genuinely confused and bothered by the ambiguity, it’s time to do some soul searching.

In casual relationships, there may be pressure to keep the relationship casual, even if that is not what you want.

You must to be honest with yourself, figure out what you want, and then set about finding the best way to achieve it.

Chances are if you’re confused about the type of relationship you’re having, so is Mr. Often, neither of you will want to have a discussion to determine what is going on.

You may find that you’re not even honest with yourself about what you want because it can be so painful to admit that you want something that you may not be able to have.

This is not a good foundation for any relationship.

If you’re not sure if you and your Leo man are dating, but you’re both happy with the things the way they are, then there’s no problem.

You don’t need a clear label for every relationship in your life.

Should you choose to move forward with one another in any way, then you’ve made the first step to establishing a healthy pattern of communication.