The country is a democracy and has a population of circa 290,000 citizens. If you are coming to the Maldives as a tourist, you do not need a visa. Are there resorts offering baby-sitting facilities and day care? Will there be anyone to meet us at the airport when we arrivel? Each island represents one resort that offers one hotel. Some are only 40 meters wide and others are 1 km in width. All rooms are built a few meters from the beach and provide individual bungalows and room blocks of 2 to 4 accommodations each. Why are resorts on the Maldives uniquely different from resorts in other countries? Our rates are only valid for users of this website. We have direct contracts and agreements with most resorts and hotels featured on our website. Any amendments to a reservation must be sent to us in writing. All late reservations must be paid in full and immediately upon confirmation. All reservations have to be reconfirmed within 24 hours to avoid automatic cancellation. To make payment via credit card, you will need to fill out an authorization form and send it along with other relevant documents including a photocopy of your passport and credit card. The Maldives is represented in the Common Wealth and the United Nations. Some of the uninhabited islands in the Maldives have been developed as resort destinations. Do I receive a confirmation letter or voucher after I book the holiday? However, be prepared to pay rates of 10% to 50% more than making your reservation through Vermillion Travels. All requests should be submitted using our reservation form or by email and include all necessary details to avoid further delaying your reservation. With the confirmation of your reservation, we will send you a full quotation for your holiday along with payment instructions. Maldives | Travel Advice | Resorts | Diving | Live aboard Rates, Reservation and Payment 1. Most resorts offer a very wide range of water activities. A few resorts cater to family holidaymakers and others offer a baby-sitting service. How big are the liveaboard vessels and what is the accommodation on them like? How are the liveaboards organized and do they run on a set schedule? This allows divers to explore the most pristine seabeds, often unreachable from tourist-populated villages.

The Ministry of Human Resources Employment and Labour can provide work visas. Between May and November it's still warm, but the skies can be cloudy, humidity is higher and rain is more likely. There are two or three merchants that can provide you with limited cash. Generally all islands in the Maldives provide immense natural beauty and all resorts offer their own unique style. Most resorts located in Male’s atoll are accessed by speedboat.

Working or engaging in employment while visiting with a tourist visa is prohibited. In the Maldives the currency is called "Ruffia" or Rf. All resorts, liveaboards and most souvenir shops accept major cards and cash payments in US dollars. Christmas and New Year is the busiest and most expensive part of the peak season period. Will I be able to use my electrical equipment in the Maldives? None of these shops are, however, able to provide you with cash from your credit card and there are currently no ATMs or cash machines in the Maldives. At the moment, the main transport method is by motorboat, speedboat and seaplane.

The transition months of November and April are considered to have increased water clarity with better visibility for divers. However, if you are from a Central African or South American country, or if you have travelled through these areas before arriving in the Maldives, you need to have a valid certificate indicating that you have been vaccinated against yellow fever. Returning visitors do not need to choose the same resort twice thinking that their first was the best. And because we respect your personal space, you will never be disturbed unless you wish to be. Tipping is very common among travellers visiting the Maldives. If you have bought liquor, beer and related items containing alcohol from a duty free shop while on route to the Maldives, these products must be bonded in the airport’s customs department upon arrival. However, all resorts and hotels – other than hotels in the capital Male’ – offer world famous brands of liquor, beer, and other alcoholic beverages. The speedboat jetty is only a 2-minute walk from the arrival terminal and to catch the seaplane, guests take a 5-minute bus ride to the other side of the airport island. There are no night transfers available to resorts far from Male’ or the airport.

This is the low season with fewer tourists and lower prices. Normally, authorities in the Maldives do not require vaccinations. This is only possible during weekdays and you need to visit the merchant in order to get cash. All resorts are located on private islands with rooms around the island that offer a high standard of service. In the Maldives, we go out of our way to make our visitors feel welcome from arrival until departure. You are not allowed to bring liquor to the Maldives. Resorts in other atolls further from the airport, offer speedboat and seaplane transfer services.

If you want to be extra careful, do consult your personal physician for his or her recommendations. The capital of the Maldives is Male’ which is pronounced "Maaley". The voltage in the Maldives is 110 or 220 volts, depending on your location. The water is drinkable and most hotels also offer bottled water. Is there anything you recommend visitors to bring from home? Guests arriving on evening flights will have to stay a night in one of the hotels in Male’ or at the airport hotel.

Other than this exception, you do not need any specific vaccination certificates to visit the Maldives. Most resorts on the Maldives are truly beautiful and enjoyable. It is very common for singles travelling alone to enjoy a far from lonesome holiday. Even if you don’t tip, you will not be discriminated against, as tipping is not compulsory. Again, hotels in the capital Male’ do not offer liquor, beer and related products containing alcohol. Will I be able to use my electrical equipment in the Maldives? Why are resorts on the Maldives uniquely different from resorts in other countries? What activities and sports are available on the islands? There are also independent seaplane companies in operation. No transfers are available to resorts in Ari and other atolls at night.

These run on a 7 to 14 day schedule and mostly roam from one atoll to another.

Divers join them by speedboat or seaplane, depending on location.

When you book your holiday with Vermillion Travels, either one of our representatives or a member from the resort you will be staying at will meet you at the airport. How much of the Maldives do liveaboard companies cover? What sort of trips are liveaboards normally used for? Can we experience both liveaboard boating and a resort? These hotel-boats are capable of comfortably accommodating ten passengers.