Clara was a little jealous, but it was all fictional, and she knew that she'd never want her liberty actually taken away and forced to act like a baby full-time like that - but still, the fantasy gnawed at her.In another, a woman was on all fours, crawling up carpeted stairs in a sagging diaper, seemingly in search of somebody who would change her.

We're pretty big fans of your dark stories here, we've recently thought about incorporating some of your scenes."Clara stopped, realising that this could be interesting, though was throwing off her rhythm.

She did indeed write some fairly twisted fetish stories, and knew that she had a few fans, but was a little surprised by such an offer out of the blue."Oh?

" she asked, dumbfounded."Indeed" replied 'Admin', "You've written some fantastic fetishtic stuff - you have a very dirty mind."Clara stared, unsure how to take it, when 'Admin' continued."For example," said the mysterious stranger, "We liked your stories about older women being babysat by stern teens who take complete authority - we've wanted to bring in some teen sitters, 18 year olds in school uniforms for example, to babysit our older girls, ordering them over for a diaper inspection, etcetera.

We think that it'd be pretty hot.""That does sound pretty good..." Clara replied, before realising that she sounded like a bedazzled simpleton.

It was from somebody called "Admin" she realised, which piqued her interest.

All it said however was "Fancy seeing you here.", which was rather boring, and Clara was in no mood to be chatting to anybody just then."Yeah.." she replied, "I was just heading off.", while she looked for a way to go into an offline mode with the chat."Before you go -" came a quick reply, "Do you have any suggestions for our site?

Clara shook her head in amazement, wishing that they would put out content more frequently - they were definitely some of the best around.

The scenes look so real, the embarrassment so real.

In the next picture the same girl sat on a floor, surrounded by toys, naked except for what anybody would instantly recognise as a giant oversized baby diaper.

Yellow and Pink frilled underwear covered the bulge around her intimates, and she sat with her arms folded covering her breasts in what looked like a perfect child's pout.

Her moment was interrupted when a chat popup window emerged from the lower right of the screen.