13th December: The IOC Executive Board confirmed it’s decision to include women’s weightlifting in the programme of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.World records can be set up at the following events: World Championships (Men, Women, and Junior), Continental Championships, Continental Games, and World Cup Gala.20th September, Warsaw: Foundation of the “European Weightlifting Federation”. For the team classification, there are distributed 10-6-4-3-2-1 points for the first to the sixth place.

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4th March, IWF Congress, Istanbul: With effect of 1st May, the weight of the barbell must always be a multiple of 1.0 kg.

A World Record is only valid if it exceeds the previous one (individual lift or total) by 1.0 kg.

For the team classification 12-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 points are distributed for the 1st to 10th place (only for the total).

The following categories are valid: 52 kg Flyweight, 56 kg Bantamweight, 60 kg Featherweight, 67.5 kg Lightweight, 75 kg Middleweight, 82.5 kg Lightheavyweight, 90 kg Middleheavyweight, over 90 kg till 110 kg Heavyweight, over 110 kg Superheavyweight.

Five bodyweight categories are approved: 60 kg - Featherweight, 67.5 kg - Lightweight, 75 kg - Middleweight, 82.5 kg - Lightheavyweight, over 82.5 kg - Heavyweight.

Foundation of the „Amateur-Athleten-Weltunion“, predecessor of the IWF, with responsibility for weightlifting and wrestling.In World and Continental Championships not only the total results but also the individual lifts are honoured with medals.The organization’s new name is "Fédération Haltérophile International", in short FHI.The following ten categories are valid: 52-56-60-67.5-75-82.5-90-100-110-over 110 kg.The three minutes period for the execution of attempts reduced to two minutes.New categories are valid: for men 56-62-69-77-85-94-105-over 105 kg, for women: 48-53-58-63-69-75-over 75 kg.