This is especially true if you have a remote that works via Wi-Fi and hardware that relies on infrared communication.

In these situations, you'll often find a little piece of gear called an IR blaster.

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Range for using the infrared wireless port when updating video

As further evidence, some Redditors declared 2016 the year that IR blasters died.

We're still waiting to see the death certificate before we call it quits.

Notably, the Samsung S7 series of phones dropped the IR blaster feature, which may hint at dark times ahead for the fate of technology.

Wikipedia has a partial list of devices with IR blasters, but that's looking pretty anemic.

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If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue.Since this device is pumping out a stronger signal than your TV or cable box, you can sit at a comfortable distance away from your electronics and still change the channel, plus the signal will go through certain walls. IR blasters are also found with devices like the Slingbox M2, which use them to control your TV from anywhere you have an internet connection.This is how you're able to change the channel while streaming your live TV from anywhere. Though it's less common these days, phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, LG G5, and others included IR blasters on the tops of phones.The advantages of Bluetooth include less power consumption, no requirement for additional hardware (other than the devices that need to be connected) and simplicity of use.‘Infrared transmission‘ derives its name from infrared light rays.Infrared rays have a wavelength that is greater than visible light, extending from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometer to 1 mm.These are most commonly used for short-range or medium-range communications between two devices.