On top of these rocks, the entire view of the bustling Xinyi District is captured; it is a popular spot for photo-taking.The rising sun juxtaposed with Taipei 101 and the slumbering Xinyi District skyscrapers provide endless pictures of enjoyment throughout the day and night.The popular temple also commands a bird`s-eye view of the scenic surroundings, including the Taipei Basin, the winding Tamsui River, Liyu Mountain, and terraced fields.

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The City Government initially planned to rebuild them in 1999.

However, through persuasion from_ the cultural circles, the City Government designated this premise as the Cultural Hall and Cultural Park of Xinyi District, and started operation in 2003. The houses that sat tightly next to each other have been converted into an open space for events and exhibitions.

Standing on the top of Xiangshan, the entire Taipei Basin is right under your eyes.

The extension of the ridge reaches into Zhongqiang Park of Xinyi District, and therefore has become the best evening stroll venue for local residents.

The narrow alleys and footpaths will take the visitors down memory lane.

It is a fascinating contrast to the neighboring towering Taipei 101 and surrounding modern buildings, a compelling testimony of Taipei’s urban development.In the modernist spatial design of Xue Xue Stage on the ground floor, performances and exhibits are curated according to three core concepts: creativity, culture and aesthetics.After a lecture or a show, visitors can enjoy meals at the riverside-park-facing ECOH ECOH XUE Kitchen Lab on the second floor, where the cozy wooden furniture offers a dose of tranquility in downtown Taipei.The premise now consists of an exhibition hall, Military Dependents’ Village Exhibition Hall, performance hall and community hall.The exterior still retains the unique low-rise and the simple, rustic style of the Military Dependents’ Village.The arts-filled XUE XUE INSTITUTE demonstrates Taipei’s and Taiwan’s capacity for renovation and creativity through a creative combination of current trends, lifestyle, arts, music and exhibitions.